Fairfax County Cops

Fairfax County Cops

Lucy’s back. Board of Supervisors Questions police action and demands less secrecy.

 Fairfax County police spokes “woman” Lucy Caldwell ..... you remember Lucy…she was the one who threw a fit with a local reporter when the reporter dared to question citizens reaction to yet another murder by the Fairfax County Police……well, Lucy and her hair trigger temper and contempt for a free press  are back on the job as the police information officer.  Here’s the information Lucy gave out to the media concerning this week’s questionable shooting of a Mount Vernon area citizen.

What is the dead man’s name?

I’m not releasing that information

How many cops were at the scene of the shooting? 

I’m not sure.

How many were inside the residence when the shooting occurred?

I’m not sure.

How many shots were fired?

I can’t say.

What is the victim name?

I’m not going to reveal that information.

Members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors expressed deep concerns of a second questionable shooting of a citizen by the Fairfax County Police in less than a month and over the lack of transparency by the cops in releasing even the most mundane information about the killing.

Naw…the last part didn’t happen.  Pretty much our elected officials are far too intimidated by the police to actually stand up to them.

We’re on our own.